Center for Health Worker Innovation

                  t Johnson & Johnson, we have always been—and remain—committed to supporting and championing the people on the front lines at the heart of delivering care. As we execute this mission, however, we must acknowledge the human resource crisis in global health: To achieve important global health priorities, we need 18 million more health workers—mostly nurses, midwives and community health workers—by 2030. And as if this weren’t a big enough challenge, those already in the field deserve greater support to deliver quality care.

                  No single institution can solve this challenge—Johnson & Johnson included. But we have been challenging ourselves to imagine what we can uniquely do as the world’s largest diversified health company to address the health worker coverage gap, improve the quality of care and strengthen primary, community-based health systems. Our team has spent nearly a year consulting closely with partners, scouring research and seeking to answer this question from an impact-first lens.

                  We are excited to announce the formation of the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, a virtual center that will pursue an initial set of five priorities. In the tradition of Our Credo to put people first, we have adopted a human-centered approach, impacting the system by first focusing on the needs of an individual health worker and what s/he needs to thrive on the job.

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                  • Respect & Recognition—ensuring frontline health workers are valued by the communities they serve, and accredited and compensated by government and health systems.
                  • Training & Education—ensuring frontline health workers have the skills and capabilities they require to deliver their services with confidence and quality.
                  • Leadership & Management—ensuring frontline health workers have opportunities to grow as leaders and have access to effective management.
                  • Well-being & Resilience—ensuring frontline health workers can prioritize their own health and access resources to manage the stress and demands of the job.
                  • Connection & Integration—ensuring frontline health workers are connected to each other, to communities and to health systems.

                  The Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation marks the next chapter in our long-standing commitment to health workers. We know adaptation and continual learning are core to frontline healthcare and must be core to how we show up for health workers. We welcome input, feedback, ideas and suggestions. Together, we can create a world where thriving nurses, midwives and community health workers provide the world’s most vulnerable people with the quality care they need to live full, healthy lives.

                  Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures

                  Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures (JNJIV), an innovative finance initiative with the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, seeks to address the existing gap in health-focused impact investing. JNJIV will play a crucial role in supporting social enterprises under the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation in support of nurses, midwives and community health workers who are essential to expanding access and delivery of quality and affordable care.

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